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Ranked No. 1 Commercial Bank Employing Thousand Laotian, ACLEDA Bank Lao Has Invested $3.66 Mil in Staff Capacity Building

October 28, 2019

The training and capacity building is the key indicator in developing human asset, skill, knowledge, morality and other resources needed to do the jobs competently. They allow individuals and organizations to perform at a greater capacity. ACEDA Bank Lao Ltd. 'ABL', the Bank you can trust the Bank for the people and vision to be the leading SME bank in the Lao PDR, has been ranked No. 1 commercial bank in the Lao PDR to employ over a thousand Lao management and staff at all level recently.

The Bank has invested in total amounted USD 3.66 million for employees training in which USD 1.92 million were expensed as at September 2019 and the rest USD 1.74 is for the next 5 years plan. ACLEDA Bank Lao projects for employees' training and capacity development in yearly average about USD348,000 for 2020 to 2023. With few thousands courses annually, the relevant management and staff are able to perform their duties professionally in order to serve the customers at all levels from various segments. Want fast and efficient services, think about ACLEDA Bank Lao Ltd. Each customer, especially medium size or large-scale business, can borrow from ACLEDA Bank Lao up to LAK 17 Billion or about USD 2 Million based on assessed profile.

Managing Director and CEO of ACLEDA Bank Lao Ltd., Dr. Hay Svay, said by the end of this year and focusing on capacity building, ABL's investment in the human asset shall reach USD 2 million and we plan to invest more around USD 1.74 million in 5 years or USD348,000 per annum for the expected 2,400 training courses each year to all colleagues getting better knowhow and innovative knowledge. The Bank has a strong financial position with a good team of Laotian management and staff to serve all customers in the community at large. Our regional expansion has continued and employed the domestic workforces of the Lao PDR or country where the Bank operates. With its well-known mobile App. "ACLEDA ThanChai" and digital banking products, the Bank is keeping enhancing the existing human asset to be digital resource properly, he added.

Mr. Kongkeo INSANE, Head of Human Resource Department, raise that currently the Bank employs over a thousand Laotian who getting the well-trained both knowledge and morality to provide the products and services to the need of customers at all levels in a transparency way. We has built and maintained the human resources with about 18 points of benefits and series courses of training, included the digital banking in updated and innovative. We train our colleagues within the countries and also a part at oversea, especially at parent company and targeted countries. Moreover, we provide the morality development by weekly E-Learning on the "3 Good Points: Body, Wording and Mind" to all management and staff, as the Bank have the slogan that "The bank you can trust, the bank for the people".

Celebrating the 11 years of operation in Lao, ACLEDA Bank Lao Ltd. is recognized as No.1 commercial bank contributing Laotian employment in the sector. The advance technology Mobile App., well known as "ACLEDA ThanChai", enables customers to undertake the transactions any day, anytime, anywhere. Regionally, ACLEDA Group has ACLEDA Bank Plc. founded since 1993 and four subsidiaries operating in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar with total assets over USD 6 Billion, 313 branches-offices, 679 ATMs and serving millions' customers to deposit Billions Dollars and using the ACLEDA's products and services.

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