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More Focus on SME, ACLEDA Bank Lao Increase Lending Up to LAK 20 Billion or USD 2.3 million

January 7, 2020

The access to finance is a key factor for SME growth progressively. As the related nationwide survey, SME represents over 90% of the involved entities and provides jobs about 82% of all employments in the business sector. ACLEDA Bank Lao Ltd. 'ABL', "the bank you can trust the bank for the people and vision is to be the leading SME bank in the Lao PDR", sees the sustainable growth with the noticeable increase of the deposit more than34% in 2019. As the SME bank and advance technology Mobile App. "ACLEDA ThanChai", the Bank has opportunity to serve customers of all sectors and especially SME with various types of commercial bank products and services. Each SME customer, noticeable the medium size or larger business scale, can borrow from ACLEDA Bank Lao up to LAK 20 Billion (or around USD 2.3 Million) recently, increasing from LAK 17 Billion last year, based on the customer's profile.

Managing Director and CEO of ACLEDA Bank Lao Ltd., Dr. Hay Svay, said the growth trend of deposit from the public and loyalty customers keeping upsurge with various funding from several countries. So the Bank has the good financial ratios and high liquidity to serve the suitable credit products for customers at all levels in the Lao PDR for the capital need and business expansion properly. He highlights that ABL focuses on lending facility in the diversified ways for the MSMEs, larger business scale and SME loan in particular.

Mr. Thanomchith WARINTHRASAK, Head of Credit Department, raise that ACLEDA Bank Lao Ltd. has served the public accurately with enough sources of funds. ABL has disbursed to 165.000 clients with total amounted of loan disbursed, equivalent in US Dollar, of more than USD 732 million by the end of 2019. All customers can borrow at a relative small to average amount for the small and medium entrepreneurs. Focusing attention on the medium and bigger loan size, ABL has increased lending up to LAK 20 billion per customer. The Bank serves all customers with the credit process in a faster, efficient and transparency way with various credit products for supporting MSME, personal loan, home improvement loan, etc. "We grow with our customers in term of superior financial services, funding the business and contributing to the living standard and socio-economic development", he added.

Celebrating the 11 years of operation in Lao, ACLEDA Bank Lao Ltd. is recognized as No.1 commercial bank contributing Laotian employment in the sector. The Mobile App. "ACLEDA ThanChai" enables customers to undertake transactions Anyday, Anytime, Anywhere. Regionally, ACLEDA Group comprises ACLEDA Bank Plc. founded since 1993 and four subsidiaries operating in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar with total assets over USD 6 Billion, 313 branches-offices, 683 ATMs and serving millions' customers.

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