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ACLEDA Bank Lao focuses on SME lending Up to LAK 17 Billion or USD 2 million

February 25, 2019

ACEDA Bank Lao Ltd. 'ABL', the bank you can trust the bank for the people, sees the faster growth with the noticeable increase of the depositors about 12% in 2018. The ABL's vision is to be the leading SME bank in the Lao PDR. As the SME bank and advance technology Mobile App. "ACLEDA ThanChai", the Bank has chance to serve customers at all levels and especially SME sectors with various types of commercial bank products and services. Recently, each SME customer, especially the medium size or larger business scale, can borrow from ACLEDA Bank Lao up to LAK 17 Billion or USD 2 Million based on the customer's profile and related requirements.

Managing Director and CEO of ACLEDA Bank Lao Ltd., Dr. Hay Svay, said the growth trend of depositors from the public and loyal customers keeping increase with various funding. So the Bank has the good ratios and relative high liquidity to serve the suitable credit products for customers at all level for the capital need and business expansion properly. He adds that ACLEDA Bank Lao focuses on lending facility in the diversified way for all MSMEs, larger business scale and SME loan in particular.

Mr. Mekhala Khotpanya, Head of Credit Department, raise that ACLEDA Bank Lao Ltd. has served the public in a fast and more convenient way with enough sources of funds. ACLEDA Bank Lao has disbursed to over 160.000 clients with total amounted of loan disbursed, equivalent in US Dollar, of USD 600 million by the end of 2018. All customers can borrow at a relative small to medium amount for the small and medium entrepreneurs. Particularly for medium and bigger loan size, each customer can borrow from ACLEDA Bank Lao up to LAK 17 billion or about USD 2 Million. "The Bank serves all customers with the credit process in a faster, efficient and transparency way", he added.

Over 10 years of operation in Lao, ACLEDA Bank Lao Ltd. is recognized as No.1 commercial bank in term of the contribution of Laotian employment in the sector and has served clients about half million with 39 offices networking in 15 provinces-town, 56 ATMs and especially the advance technology Mobile App., well known as "ACLEDA ThanChai", a virtual bank in your hand to use ACLEDA Bank Lao's products and services at any time, any day, anywhere.

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