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In accordance with licence which issued by the government of the Lao PDR on December 26, 2007, ACLEDA Bank Lao Ltd. has celebrated its headquarters on July 08, 2008 and the paid up capital will be 100 billion Kip (approximately US$10.5 million) issued in the form of fully paid shares of 10,000 Kip all of which have been fully taken up. Each share shall have 1 vote and shall participate equally in all dividends and other distributions of the Bank. Fractions of shares shall not be issued.

On November 29, 2010, ACLEDA Bank Lao Ltd. increased its capital by 120 billion Kips so that its total paid up capital reaches 220 billion kips. On September 17, 2014, ACLEDA Bank Lao Ltd. increased its capital by 80 billion Kips so that its total paid up capital reaches 300 billion kips.


Brief about our shareholders

ACLEDA Bank Plc. 

ACLEDA Bank Plc. is a public limited company, formed under the Banking and Financial Institutions Law of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Originally, it was founded in January 1993, as a national NGO for micro and small enterprises' development and credit. It went through two major successful transformations from an NGO for small and micro enterprise development to a Specialised Bank and then to a full-fledged Commercial Bank in 2000 and 2003 respectively, in order to provide full banking services to meet customers' demands and it was renamed as ACLEDA Bank Plc.

ACLEDA Bank Plc. is the first bank in Cambodia to have been assigned ratings by the top international credit rating agency — Standard & Poor.

ACLEDA Bank Plc. is 51% owned by Cambodian interests, including its staff while Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC), JSH Asian Holdings Limited, COFIBRED respectively hold 12.25% each, 6% by ORIX Corporation, 1.5178% by Triodos Sustainable Finance Foundation, 2.1814% by Triodos Fair Share Fund, and 2.5508% by Triodos Microfinance Fund.

At the end of December 2013, ACLEDA Bank Plc. had 9,451 staff working in 238 offices nationwide. Its Total Assets were over US$2.3 billion, customers deposits were over US$ 1.64 billion, and the loan portfolio was over US$ 1.46 billion. Today ACLEDA Bank Plc. is offering Electronic Banking Service, Deposits, Credits, Funds Transfers, Cash Management, Trade Finance, Bank Consultancy and a comprehensive list of other retail banking services tailored for its customers' growing demands.

ACLEDA Bank Plc.'s website:

ACLEDA Training Center 

ACLEDA Training Center is one of ACLEDA Bank Plc's subsidiary companies as a private limited company, formed under the Regulations of Commercial Rules and Register Law, Commercial Enterprises Law, Civil Code, and Penal Code of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Currently, ACLEDA Training Center provides training to ACLEDA Bank's staff as well as local and international participants from other organizations.

ACLEDA Training Center's website:

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